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Glock 9mm Compensator: An Effective and Attractive Addition to Your Glock

Posted by Alexander Riddle on

Glock pistols have taken the world by storm practically since the day they burst on the world scene. Gaston Glock had a clear winner on his hands when he first showed his revolutionary design to the rest of the world.

In terms of simplicity and reliability, Glock has no superiors and hardly any equals.  A Glock can shoot thousands of rounds without any issue and it is so simple it can be field stripped and cleaned within minutes. It has very few parts so there is little chance of anything going wrong. Moreover, its low bore axis ensures that it doesn’t jump that much when you shoot the weapon. This holds true for all Glocks, irrespective of generation and caliber.

Improving on Perfection

The good People at Glock Inc. refer to their weapons as “Glock Perfection.” Which leads to the question of how does one improve on perfection? With a compensator, of course! Herrington Arms have created their  Glock HC9C 3.0 Micro Compensator for  Glock models 17, 19, and 26 Gens 2 to 5. While the muzzle flip of the Glock pistol is low, it can be improved with the help of a compensator.

Why Should You Use the H9C Micro Compensator?

The Glock pistol is a short recoil operated weapon. It uses a variation of John M Browning’s timeless locked-breech mechanism, while this mechanism is reliable, but it does tilt the barrel upwards whenever the weapon is fired. This is where the Glock compensator comes into its own. It not only reduces vertical recoil quite substantially, but also helps to curtail the horizontal recoil arc too. It does this via its vent holes located both on top and the sides. These holes tunnel the gas not just upwards, but also to both the sides. This keeps the weapon aligned on target.

The gases are forced upwards and to the sides instead of exiting the weapon from the muzzle. This forces the barrel downwards even as it is climbing upwards, which means you are back on target faster than ever before.

The H9C Micro Compensator is made of 6061 Aluminum and finished in an attractive and durable black Cerakote color that will enhance the rugged beauty of your Glock pistol. It also comes with a 5*64 Allen key for ease of installation.

Adding this small and discreet glock 9mm compensator to your EDC pistol will not only make it more effective, but also attractive as well. Best of all, it is small enough to fit your concealed carry lifestyle.

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Why the Combat Application Tourniquet Is Considered A Top 10 Greatest Invention of the US Army

Posted by Alexander Riddle on

The North American Rescue CAT Tourniquet is an invention that has been credited with saving innumerable lives. This is an actual one-handed tourniquet that can be used single-handedly by even a grievously wounded individual. The United States Army's Institute of Surgical Research (ISR) has proven that if it is applied correctly, it will be 100 percent effective at its task. That is, the CAT will completely occlude blood flow from a significantly hemorrhaging extremity in the event of a highly traumatic wound

Durable Windlass System

This tourniquet uses a highly durable and reliable windlass system that comes equipped with its own patented and unique free-moving internal band. This band provides the required circumferential pressure to the injured extremity. Once the CAT has been adequately tightened, it will stop the bleeding and the windlass can be safely secured and locked into place. Its loop and hook windlass-operated retention strap is then applied to safely secure the windlass. It will maintain pressure on the wound during evacuation of the casualty.

It is this distinctive dual securing system that makes the CAT such a crucial survival tool. It avoids the use of complicated clips and screws since they become very difficult to operate under the extreme stress of a survival situation. It can also be operated even if fine motor skills have been compromised due to the injury.

Its reinforced windlass rod has a wide diameter for greater strength and very aggressive ribbing in order to improve the grip even with wet and slick hands. Both Special Operation and conventional forces are currently using the CAT in all theaters of operations.

Key Features

  • If applied properly, it can quickly control life-threatening bleeding in any extremity of the body
  • It is recommended by the Committee on Tactical Combat Casualty Care (CTCCC)
  • The CAT can perform well in all weather conditions
  • Cost-effective, yet light and small enough to be stashed away until needed
  • The CAT offers a patented ‘band within a band’ design
  • The US army has been using it as their official tourniquet since 2005


  • Weight: 2.7 oz.
  • Open length: 37.5 inches

The North American CAT is hands down the very best combat application tourniquet around. It can literally mean the difference between life and death in case of an injury. Keep one in your home or car so that it is always there in case you need it.

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Why the Glock 17 Compensator is Trusted By Law Enforcement and Military Personnel

Posted by Alexander Riddle on

The Glock pistol has carved an enviable reputation for itself in the decades since it was first introduced. In fact, Gaston Glock's masterpiece has found widespread acceptance amongst LEOs, military personnel, and civilian shooters alike.

The Glock 17 pistol is a byword for unsurpassed reliability, ease of use, and durability. Add to that the fact that its low bore axis allows for very fast follow-up shots.

The surging popularity of the pistol has also led to a whole plethora of aftermarket accessories designed to complement this amazing pistol. One such product is the HC9C 3.0 Glock Micro Compensator by Herrington Arms.

Compensating the Glock 17 Pistol

A compensator mitigates the forces of felt recoil by reducing muzzle flip. As the hot gasses exit your pistol, they push up the barrel. This phenomenon is part of the operation cycle of every locked-breech mechanism-operated weapon.

A compensator reduces the recoil impulse by vetting the excess gasses downwards via vent holes present in the compensator. As your Glock 17 flips upwards after a shot, the compensator will force it down so that you will be able to align the sights to your target more quickly. This holds particularly true when compared to an uncompensated weapon.

The HC9C 3.0 Glock compensator is a great compensator that is small in size, but big on performance. It has been created for the express purpose of severely reducing recoil in your Glock pistols. It's a highly durable compensator that can handle whatever loads you shoot in your pistol. Its 6061 aluminum construction ensures ruggedness, durability, and is very lightweight. Moreover, the attractive black Cerakote finish will further enhance the natural elegance of your Glock.

The HC9C Glock 17 Compensator is fully compatible with stock Glock 17,19 and 26 variants as long as they are from Gen 2 to 5. It works perfectly well, even with stock springs, so you don’t have to mess with the internals of your personal defense weapon.

Key Features

  • Very small micro compensator
  • Black Cerakote finish for the ultimate in aesthetic appearances
  • Designed to reduce recoil so that you can get back on target very quickly
  • Lifetime warranty. No questions asked!
  • 6061 durable aluminum ensures a very high degree of reliability

The Glock 17 is a staple for law enforcement agencies and a personal favorite of civilian shooters. You can further enhance this legendary weapon’s speed and accuracy by installing the HC9C Glock Micro Compensator so that you will be able to shoot faster and more accurately than ever before.  Its tiny size means that you will be able to carry it without noticing that it’s even there.

It will not only reduce the upwards tilt of the weapon but also narrow down horizontal recoil by releasing excess gas through both its sides. This smart upgrade will help you improve your shooting skills like never before!

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How The Glock 19 Compensator Can Add Great Value to Your Glock 19

Posted by Alexander Riddle on

Herrington Arms have created their HC9C 3.0 Glock Micro Compensator for both the range and for use in the field. It has been designed to reduce the recoil of your trusty Glock pistols to a substantial degree.

This is a very rugged accessory that is not only extremely durable, but also very light and slim as well. It has been constructed from industry-leading 6061 aluminum and coated with a rich black Cerakote finish. The HC9 3.0  compensator is highly functional while providing an extra bit of aesthetic appeal to your Glock 19 and other Glocks. You can rest assured that it is not only going to look great but will also perform amazingly well with your factory OEM Glock pistols.

This Glock Micro Compensator can work equally well with the Glock 17/19 and 26 variants as long as they are GEN 2 to 5 Glocks. Moreover, this Compensator works fine with OEM Glock springs, so you don’t need to change anything on your carry weapon.

Why Do You Need a Compensator for Your Glock?

The Glock is arguably the most popular pistol in the world. This has a lot to do with its extreme reliability in every kind of environmental condition and situation. From police officers to our nation’s special forces, the ubiquitous Glock is everywhere!

Apart from its legendary reliability, durability, and simplicity, the weapon’s low bore axis is a factor in its popularity. It is easy to make fast and accurate shots with a Glock. However, HC9C 3.0 makes the process even easier. It pushes down the barrel whenever you shoot your weapon and thereby counteracts the recoil impulse that flips the barrel upwards. This way, you will be able to get back on target far more quickly than ever before for follow-up shots.

Key Features

  • Very compact-sized micro compensator
  • Created to substantially reduce recoil so that you can get back on target very quickly
  • Made from very durable 6061 durable aluminum
  • Beautiful black Cerakote finish
  • Lifetime warranty. No questions asked!

Herrington Arms’ HC9C Glock 19 compensator is a really smart upgrade that delivers rock-solid performance while enhancing the beauty of your Glock. It will not only reduce vertical muzzle flip but also horizontal recoil so that your gun sights barely leave the target after a shot. Best of all, it is small, light, and compact enough to become an unobtrusive part of your EDC weapon. You will never know it’s there – except when you need it!

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Reduce Vertical Muzzle Climb and Horizontal Recoil Arc in Your Sig Sauer P320: P320 Compensator

Posted by Alexander Riddle on

The HC320 Compensator by Herrington Arms has been designed to work perfectly with the Sig Sauer P320 pistol series. The compensator works extremely well when it comes to reducing both vertical climb as well as the horizontal recoil impulse, after a shot. It has been made from rugged and sturdy 6061 aluminum and currently available in both Flat Dark Earth (FDE) and black Cerakote finish. This way, you can opt for whichever color you think will look best with your Sig P30.  

You can rest assured that this compensator will work perfectly well with the stock springs present on your pistol so there is no need to change the internals of your carry weapon. It will fit all X-Compact 1/2-28 threaded barrels, as well as X-Carry, Compact, and full-size P320 pistols.[1]

Why Choose the HC320 Compensator?

  • For one thing, it is extremely effective at reducing both vertical muzzle flip and horizontal recoil. This way, you will reacquire the target a whole lot faster after every shot.
  • Low recoil leads to greater accuracy since you won’t flinch every time you squeeze the trigger.
  • Its 6061 Aluminum construction ensures not just a very light product, but also extreme longevity.
  • You don't need a gunsmith to install this compensator since it's an easy DIY job.
  • Herrington Arms offers a lifetime warranty - no questions asked!

Sig and Herrington Arms: Bywords for Absolute Reliability

The Sig P320 is a great pistol that offers unparalleled reliability and accuracy over most other pistol platforms. The HC320 Sig p320 compensator is an awesome accessory for your P320. This is thanks to its ability to reduce felt recoil in situations where every shot counts.

It fits flawlessly on the barrel as if it were part of the pistol itself. It does not matter if you are carrying the full-sized variant or any of the compact ones - your HC320 compensator will ensure that you are back on target faster than ever before.

Herrington Arms have a clear winner in the form of the HC320 sig p320 Compensator. Best of all, it is available at a highly competitive price. If there is one recoil reduction upgrade you need for your Sig P320 series pistol, it is definitely this compensator!


[1] Not Compatible with either EFK or Bar-Sto Barrels.

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