What to Look For in a Glock 19 Mag Extension

Running out of ammo is 'not' an option in case you have to use your weapon to defend your life and property. Apart from that, having large capacity mags allows you to practice your precision and tactical drills, double taps, Mozambique drills, and the like without pausing to reload your carry weapon. This means you spend more time shooting than swapping mags.

The Glock 19 is a medium-frame weapon that hits the sweet spot between concealability and firepower. However, its standard 15-round capacity is lesser than many competing weapons of the same caliber. All that has now changed - thanks to Herrington Arms’ Glock 19 mag extension.

This extension will increase your G19’s original 15+1 capacity and extend it to 20+1, which means it will stand out amongst the highest capacity handguns available today. In fact, it will also easily eclipse the Glock 17’s 17+1 capacity by three additional rounds.   

At the same time, it won’t compromise on the overall concealability of your everyday carry weapon. It is so light you will barely feel the extra weight on your gun, nor would it affect its fine balance. At the same time, this extremely durable accessory has been constructed of weapon-grade 6061 aluminum. Moreover, your Glock 19 mag extension has been precisely CNC machined to ensure it would work perfectly every time you squeeze the trigger.

Key features of the Herrington Arms’ Glock 19 Mag Extension

  • This +5 Mag extension gives you an extra edge whenever you need your handgun
  • Available in Black Anodized or FDE Cerakote finish options, so it will always look great on your EDC weapon
  • The weapons-grade 6061 Aluminum construction is extremely tough and durable yet very light in weight.
  • It comes with a lifetime warranty, no questions asked!
  • It fits all Magpul magwells designed to work with the Glock 19
The GLOCK 19 (9x 19 caliber) is considered by many experts to be the ultimate EDC weapon in terms of concealability and firepower. From our nation’s special forces to police departments all over the world, the Glock 19 has made its presence felt everywhere. The Herrington Arms Glock 19 mag extension takes Glock perfection to the next level. Make sure you have one with you when the chips are down!