Top Situations Where a Compensator for Your CZ P-10c Gives You An Edge

All firearms generate recoil whenever they are fired. The recoil impulse is created by the gases rushing out of the barrel. The locked-breech tilt barrel mechanism’s recoil flips the weapon upwards, which makes it harder to re-align the barrel for rapid follow-up shots. 

Moreover, the recoil is also quite unpleasant for novice shooters. Many people start flinching whenever they squeeze the trigger to compensate for this involuntary upwards movement. Some of them even close their eyes when they take a shot.

These harmful habits can easily ruin a person’s ability to shoot straight and fast.  The more they compensate by pushing the barrels downwards to avoid the recoil impulse, the worse their aim becomes. Unfortunately, flinching can become a bad habit. One that is extremely difficult to cure.

There is one solution. You can always install a compensator on your weapon.  This holds particularly true for everyday concealed carry weapons such as the CZ P-10c. Like all compact and lightweight polymer frame handguns, the P-10c is also prone to 'jumping' every time you take aim and squeeze off a  round. 

Herrington Arms HC10 3.0 Compensator

Enter Herington Arms masterpiece- their HC10 3.0 Compensator! (This compensator is specifically designed to work with the CZ P-10c and won’t work with the P10S model.)

The HC10 3.0 Compensator will seamlessly fit all OEM suppressor-ready, Primary Machine, and Killer Innovations threaded barrels.  Since it works flawlessly with stock springs, you won’t ever have to change anything on your carry weapon.

It has been constructed of durable and light weapons-grade 6061 Aluminum.  The HC10 has been precision-engineered to substantially reduce both upwards movement as well as the horizontal arc of your P-10c. 

It has been CNC machined to ensure that there are no burrs or tool marks and it delivers the same consistent results shot after shot.  The HC10 sports a matt black Cerakote finish that will look really good on your CZ P10c.

Top Features of the HC 10 3.0

  • It has superb recoil reduction properties that will enable you to shoot faster and more accurately than you ever did before.
  • Rock Solid 6061 aluminum construction gives you optimum reliability, long service life, and light weight in an aesthetically appealing package
  • Its matt black anti-glare Cerakote finish will go well with your P10c
  • You can install it within minutes so no need to visit your local gunsmith
  • 5/64 Allen key has been included for rapid installation
  • Lifetime warranty. No questions asked!

The Herrington Arms cz p10c compensator helps tame runaway recoil and enables much faster target reacquisition. You can rely on it to give you that winning edge at the range or in the field - where a fraction of a second counts for a lifetime!