Reduce Recoil With Your Glock 19: Try the Gen 5 Compensator

When Gaston Glock decided to bid for the sidearm project for the Austrian army, few people could have foreseen that his namesake pistol would take the world by storm.  However, that is precisely what happened. The Glock is arguably the world's most popular pistol and the favorite of police departments, conceal-carry permit holders, and our special forces.

This has a lot to do with its extreme reliability in even the most adverse environments, not to mention its simplicity. It has very few parts, and fieldstripping a Glock is an absolute breeze. Gaston Glock did not invent the polymer pistol concept. However, his invention did put paid to the concept that polymer-framed pistols were less durable than their full metal counterparts. A Glock just shoots and shoots and shoots.

Add to that the fact that there are plenty of aftermarket mods for the Glock that helps increase its already legendary perfection. The one way you can improve a Glock is by installing a compensator. 

The Main Advantages of Compensating your Glock

While Glock’s low bore axis aids in decreasing felt recoil, at the end of the day it still works on the tilt locked-breech reloading mechanism. When you fire the weapon, its barrel tilts upwards every time a fresh round is chambered, leading to ‘muzzle flip.’

Herrington Arms has created the HC9C micro compensator to eliminate this problem, once and for all. This micro compensator easily fits the 9mm Glock 17, 19, and 26 pistols. This small but  effective compensator will expel most of the gases from the exploding powder straight up.

This will push the weapon downwards to counteract its upward thrust and thereby substantially reduce both real and perceived recoil. Low recoil also reduces flinch so you will become a much faster and more accurate shot, both on and off the range.

Seamless Compatibility with Different Glock Models

This Glock 10 Micro Compensator works flawlessly with OEM Glock springs in the Gen 2 to Gen 5 Glocks 17,19 and 26. It sports a highly attractive black Cerakote finish that will increase the aesthetic appeal of your pistol. At the same time, its durability is guaranteed, thanks to its mil-spec aluminum construction.

Herrington arms are so sure of their product they offer a ‘no questions asked’ lifetime guarantee for their HC9C micro compensator.

This small compensator is light and discreet and doesn't hinder your conceal carry efforts. If you want to enjoy the benefits of substantial recoil reduction. The glock 19 gen 5 compensator is an absolute must for your carry weapon.