How the CZ P10c Compensator Ensures a “User Friendly” Experience

The CZP-10c and its P10f cousin are amongst the CZ brand’s recent forays into the polymer and striker-fired world. Unlike many other similar pistols, the CZ P10 series works well and doesn't give FTF and FTE issues. However, its high bore axis makes for a gun that’s a bit jumpy. 

In other words, the tilt barrel mechanism of the gun flips its muzzle upwards every time you fire a round. The greater the flip, the more time it would take to align the weapon back on target. This also creates problems for novice shooters since the felt recoil is high enough to make them flinch. I.e. lower the muzzle of the weapon before, or while squeezing the trigger. Not only will it throw your aim off, but it might develop into a very bad habit that’s almost impossible to eliminate.

However, this issue can easily be rectified with the help of a compensator. As the gases force the barrel upwards, the compensator will push it downwards, thereby negating the recoil impulse. This leads to a more user-friendly experience as the weapon remains on target, and you feel like you are shooting a mild .32 ACP load instead of a full-power 9x19 one.

The HC10 3.0 Compensator: The Best Accessory for Your CZ P10c

Herrington Arms have created the ideal compensator in the form of the HC 1.0c for the CZ P-10c and its CZ-P10f counterpart. This small but effective compensator substantially reduces the recoil impulse. It will easily fit all OEM suppressor-ready Primary Machine and Killer Innovations threaded barrels. Since the HC10 works seamlessly with stock springs, you won’t have to change any parts on your everyday carry weapon. 

The HC10 Compensator has been manufactured out of proven and tested aluminum 6061. It is light in weight and very durable. This product has been precision engineered on CNC machines to deliver outstanding performance for a long time. 

Key Highlights

  • Superb recoil reduction properties that will make shooting your compact CZ-P10c a breeze
  • Weapons-grade 6061 aluminum effectively ensures reliability, longevity, and lightweight in the same package
  • Available in black anodized finish to match the rugged good looks of your dark-themed CZ P-10 configuration
  • No need to go to the nearest gunsmith for installation since it is very easy to install
  • 5/64 Allen key already included in the package
  • Lifetime warranty. No questions asked!

The cz p10c compensator will not only help you tame runaway recoil but also enable you to take faster follow-up shots. Make it part of your EDC package and carry your CZ with total confidence!