Common Myths About Glock Compensators

Many people are not sold on the compensator idea because they feel that a compensated weapon is not as good as its uncompensated counterparts. However, this is not the case at all. There are plenty of myths associated with compensators. Let’s check a few of them and compare them to actual facts:

  • The flash is blinding and destroys night vision

No, the muzzle flash of a compensated weapon won’t blind you. The flash is definitely there, but it will only disorient you if you can’t see your target. In which case, you will literally be shooting in the dark!

If there is no ambient light, you might consider using a flashlight or a pistol light to illuminate your target. This way, you will always protect yourself from making a terrible mistake.

  • The gasses released by the compensator can seriously injure the user

Yes, you might be injured by the gasses released by your weapon, but that is only possible if you put your eyes and face right next to the muzzle. Most responsible shooters won’t want to do anything of the sort.

Should you hold your weapon very close to your upper body, you might end up with gas residue on your face. However, this will only disorient you a bit, and it won't cause any damage. While being uncomfortable, it is certainly not dangerous as such. 

During normal use, these gasses won’t be anywhere close to your face. You should always wear eye protection whenever you use your handgun or any other weapon, in any case. 

  • The compensator will jam my weapon

Every gun has its own specific type of compensator. If you use one that is too big or too small, it will lead to reliability issues. As long as you use a comp that has been specifically designed for your weapon, you are good to go.  

Herrington Arms’ Glock Compensator

The HC9C is a uniquely small compensator. One that can fit Glock models gen two to five as long as they are 17, 19, and 26. It will substantially reduce real and felt recoil on your Glock and turn it into the ultimate race gun. It is so tiny that you will be able to conceal carry your Glock just the way you always did.

This small but effective micro compensator is the ideal accessory for your Glock pistol. If you want to increase your speed and accuracy, and level up your game, it is time to get a glock compensator. Herrington Arms’ HC9C 3.0 clicks all the boxes when it comes to light and effective compensators.