The answer is easy! All you need to do is purchase the threaded barrel that matches your slide. For example, if you have a carry length slide you need a carry length threaded barrel (4.6"). If you have an X compact slide you need a X compact threaded barrel (4.3"). This will allow you to run a longer frame and give you an integrated look.


The HC320XL is 1/8" longer than the HC320 and only has dual top ports instead of our flagship side and top ports. Both comps reduce recoil at almost identical percentages but the felt recoil in your hand feels slightly different. The HC320 has a softer felt recoil in the hand but the HC320XL has a little less muzzle flip. We designed the HC320XL specifically for the guys running the Flux Defense Raider Chassis (FLUX RAIDER (Brace) — FLUX Defense) and guys who shoot a lot from retention. It honestly comes down to personal preference on which comp is the comp for you!

Most of our products are on back order, this disclaimer will be at the top of the product description. Our current time it takes to package orders on an in stock item is 1-3 days. This is why we have you check a box at checkout stating you understand it will take 7-10 days for a product to arrive after a back order drop date or purchase date on an in stock product.

YES! We love helping out the guys and girls that serve and protect us. Just email us some sort of proof of service and we will send over a discount code

-It's easy! We designed our comps to be self-timing so all you have to do is

- Remove your slide from you frame

- Remove your guide rod assembly

- Apply Loctite to barrel threads

- Thread comp onto barrel until it stops

- Back off a 1/8 turn

- Apply Loctite to set screws

- Tighten down set screws


We have tested most of the barrels on the market so here are a select few we consider to be the best!

* SilencerCo

* True Precision

* Zaffiri Precision

* Ninex19

* OEM Sig Sauer

* Grey Ghost Precision

* Jarvis

There are not many good ways to do this but here is what we have found to work the best. You can use an ultrasonic cleaner with simple green, you can use a flat head screw driver to chip the carbon off, or you can try soaking the compensator in simple green bath and scrub with toothbrush

We only recomend that you use Blue 242 Loctite. Stay AWAY from red loctite, Rockset, or Vibra-Tite.

No, unfortuantly at this time we are online sales only.

No you do not! You can simply remove the slide from the frame, reomve the guide rod assembly, and pull the barrel froward out the front of the slide. This will you give you acess to run a snake through the barrel and clean the slide where it needs it.

Yes, they do. We have run tens of thousands of rounds through all of our models and have had zero malfunctions. If you are having an issue with a build, it is likely the case you have installed our product incorectly or your handgun needs broken in. Compensators need a smooth running system to be reliable. A new handgun has tolerances that need to be worn in before we suggest adding a compensator.

Please watch the video for the best instructions. CLICK ON THE TEXT BELOW!