How The Glock Micro Compensator Can Enhance Your Glock Pistol

Gaston Glock created a clear winner in the form of the formidable Glock pistol. It is arguably the most trusted and reliable firearm platform in the world. In fact, this is why it is called ‘Glock Perfection.”

However, despite the weapon's low bore axis, it does produce significant muzzle flip every time the weapon is discharged. This has a lot to do with the tilt lock breech mechanism. In other words, it flips or tilts upwards whenever you fire a round. This means that it takes time for you to recover, realign the sights on target, and squeeze off another round. In an actual life-threatening situation, it might not be easy to shoot multiple rounds at a target very rapidly.

However, this has ceased to be an issue, thanks to the excellent compensator created by the good people at Herrington Arms. This compensator is attached to the muzzle of the gun and it enables the ejection of gases through carefully constructed vent holes present on its top and sides. When the gases are expelled through these holes, they lower the muzzle just when it's flipping upwards. This steadies the weapon and enables it to remain on target for all subsequent shots.

Herrington Arms’ Glock Compensator

The HC9C 3.0 is a very small compensator that has been specifically designed to work seamlessly with all Glock 17, 26, and 19 models as long as they are generations 2 to 5. Since it works perfectly with OEM stock springs, there is no need to tinker with the insides of your everyday carry weapon.

The HC9C 3.0 reduces the recoil impulse of your EDC Glock, your range Glock, and even your deep concealment Glock. Since you can use it on all three popular 9mm variants of this iconic pistol, you won’t have to re-train on your favorite 9mm platform.

HC9C 3.0: Key Features

  • Very small size micro compensator
  • Constructed of weapons-grade 6061 aluminum for maximum reliability and durability
  • Precision engineered for substantial recoil reduction so you always remain on target
  • Highly attractive FDE Cerakote or Black Anodized finish
  • Lifetime warranty – no questions asked

You can enhance the shooting capabilities and performance of your 9mm Glocks. In fact, you can turn your carry weapon into something truly special by increasing your speed and accuracy with this glock micro compensator.