What Difference Does a Compensator Make?

All guns generate recoil, which leads to muzzle flips. As a general rule, the more powerful the caliber and the lighter the gun - the greater the felt recoil. Many weapons such as the Berretta PX Storm, have a rotating barrel mechanism that shifts the recoil backward. However, the vast majority of big bore handguns work on the principle of the tilt-breech lock barrel mechanism.

This means the weapon is pushed upwards every time you take a shot. When that happens, it takes longer to get back on target. You can use a compensator to reduce muzzle flips.

How Does a Compensator Work

This device can be attached to the gun barrel. It directs the gases created by exploding powder, in a specific direction. Whenever you fire your Glock or any other pistol, the force of the explosion will push your weapon upwards.

However, the compensator will channel the gases through holes bored in its surface. They will release the gas upwards, thereby pushing the weapon in a downwards direction. This will mitigate the muzzle rise and ensure that your weapon doesn’t jump upwards, but remains on target. Many guns are internally compensated which means their barrels are internally ported with corresponding cuts in the slide to accommodate porting vents. 

Some compensators also perform double duty as muzzle brakes. They have side ports that are designed to help reduce both felt recoil with muzzle rise. Compensated handguns are not only easier to shoot accurately; they also make one-hand shooting much more comfortable. You will feel a definite difference when you engage a target with your off-hand while using a compensated pistol. Compensators also make it easy to engage multiple targets rapidly and accurately.

Herrington Arms’ Glock HC9C 3.0 Compensator

This very small yet extremely effective compensator is specifically designed to work well with the Glock 9mm series of pistols. You can accessorize your Glock 17, 26, and 19 models with the HC9C compensator. As long as your Glocks are from generations 2 to 5.

Since it works perfectly with OEM stock springs, there is no need to tinker with the insides of your everyday carry weapon. The HC9C 3.0 will substantially reduce the recoil impulse of your carry weapons. It can also be easily concealed in your regular carry holster.

You can enhance the performance of your Glock with Herrington Arms’ glock 19 gen 5 compensators. It will transform your stock weapon into the ultimate carry package.