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HC9XL 3.0 Glock 19/17/26 compensator - Herrington Arms
HC9XL 3.0 Glock 19/17/26 compensator - Herrington Arms
HC9XL 3.0 Glock 19/17 compensator - Herrington Arms
HC9XL 3.0 Glock 19/17/26 compensator - Herrington Arms
HC9XL 3.0 Glock 19/17/26 compensator - Herrington Arms
HC9XL 3.0 Glock 19/17 compensator - Herrington Arms
HC9XL 3.0 Glock 19/17/26 compensator - Herrington Arms

HC9XL 3.0 Glock 19/17/26 compensator


This is our HC9XL 3.0 compensator that is designed for the gen 4/5 Glock 19, 17 and 26 that will fit ALL 1/2-28 barrels! We have listened to what you all have been asking for and this is a combination of all of it! We made the port size nearly 2X the size of our micro comp, but small enough no spent brass can enter the port. We where asked to form the comp to the front of the pistol, so we did! The compensator is 100 percent reliable with the stock springs running +p, 115gr, 124gr, and 147gr ammo, meaning you don't need to change a thing! Made from CNC machined high quality 6061 aluminum and coated with a black Cerakote finish, this comp looks amazing on OEM or “Gucci” Glocks. If you want a reliable and effective compensator that will always be 100%, this is it! All our products come with a lifetime, NO questions asked Warranty!

 It is made from an extremely lightweight and durable material, the aero-grade 6061 aluminum, this material allows this compensator to have amazing durability.

The real deal is the recoil reduction this compensator provides, it reduces the vertical recoil by 40% and stabilize the horizontal recoil thus, turning the weapon into an amazingly accurate gun that will make it much easier to precisely land the follow-up shots.


  • Made from highly durable and lightweight 6061 aluminum
  • 40% Vertical recoil reduction along with horizontal stabilization that makes follow-up shots a breeze.
  • HC9XL 3.0 Successfully passed our 4000-round durability test

This compensator can easily be one of the best upgrades you can buy for your Glock. For this price, there are not a lot of parts that can add this much value.

The HC9XL 3.0 Glock compensator does an amazing job by helping you shoot better groupings in longer ranges, immensely decrease the delay between each accurate follow-up shot and decrease the felt recoil. These added features actually can increase your chances of survival since in most self-defense situations, there is more than one round fired.

It will also tremendously help you in the shooting drills, reducing your timings and improving the groupings.

All in all, this compensator will greatly elevate your shooting experience and it does this at an affordable price! So go ahead and give it a try, it may become one part you can’t do without!

* Easy to install, gunsmith not necessary!

*5/64 Allen key is included.

*REMOVE O-ring to fit flush (some barrels come with O- rings, SOME DO NOT).

*gen 3 frames will work with modification, the comp needs clearance where the recoil assembly is at the front of the frame. 

* Uses steel replacement 8-32 set screws .

We do NOT know every states laws and regulations on threaded barrels or muzzle devices, therefor purchasing our product you take responsibility on whether or not these items are legal in your state. We do not ship to other countries. 


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David B.
United States United States


Shot my comp on my shadow systems xr920 for the first time today and it turned an already great pistol into a laser beam! Great product!

Michael R.
United States United States

works !

It helps hold the pistol on target for better shots after the first one. Putting it on was very easy and quick. It did not come lose after shooting, that's a pluse also. What can you say, you get what you pay for comes to mind.....

David C.
United States United States


Shot my first USPSA match this past weekend with this comp and definitely noticed reduced recoil and muzzle rise, making it easy to track the optic from one target to another!

Jerry L.
United States United States

Perfect Comp

This is an amazing Compensator!! I’ve been running it on my Shadow Systems MR920 Elite, with standard spring, and it’s been flawless!! The MR920 was a flat shooter to begin with but now with this comp it feels like a .22. Highly recommend

Andrew S.
United States United States

HC9XL 3.0

So far it’s good to go! Been rocking a Herrington arms compensator for awhile as I had an HC9C! Fit and finish is great. Performs well and I highly recommend this compensator!