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HC3652P Sig P365/P365XL compensator
HC3652P Sig P365/P365XL compensator
HC3652P Sig P365/P365XL compensator
HC3652P Sig P365/P365XL compensator
HC3652P Sig P365/P365XL compensator
HC3652P Sig P365/P365XL compensator

HC3652P Sig P365/P365XL compensator

Color Black Anodized

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The Herrington Arms HC3652P two port Compensator has been expressly created to fit and work with Sig Sauer's popular P365 series of handguns. 

Herrington Arms have specifically engineered it to prevent a common issue known as vertical climb. When you shoot your P365, it will flip upwards, and it will take you a second or two to re-align the sites to your target.

Why Should You Compensate Your Weapon? 

Compensators are practical accessories that enable your weapon to perform better than it ever did before. A properly compensated handgun won't 'jump' as much in your hand as a non-compensated one.

You will be able to re-acquire and engage your target faster, and you will become a much more accurate shooter.  This has a lot to do with how your body perceives felt recoil.

The laws of physics being what they are, it is not possible to eliminate recoil. However ‘felt recoil’ can be directed away from the body. This is what a compensator does very well. It has been equipped with porting holes on top. When you discharge your firearm, the propellant and its hot gases propel the projectile towards your target. Since the Sig P365 operates based on the time-tested locked breech, tilt barrel mechanism, its barrel also tilts upwards.

The HC3652P Compensator

Here, your HC365 Compensator truly comes into its own. Its ports have been meticulously designed to enable the gases to escape upwards. This will push the weapon downwards, even as its mechanism tilts it upwards. The two forces cancel each other out. The result is an extremely stable weapon.  It is also a great way to enjoy a day at the range without any fear of flinching.

Flinching occurs when the body anticipates recoil and shies away from it by flinching or jerking the hand backward. This spoils the shooter's aim and creates a bad habit that is very difficult to overcome. In time, flinching caused by excessive muzzle climb takes the joy away from shooting sports. However, your Herrington Arms HC3652P Compensator will take care of this issue permanently.

It works perfectly well with stock springs so you won’t need to change anything on your carry weapon. The HC3652P will easily fit on all 1/2-28 threaded barrels for the P365X, P365XL, and P365 model pistols.

Key features of the HC3652P Compensator

  • Designed to reduce vertical recoil of your carry weapon
  • Makes target re-acquisition much easier with faster follow-up shots
  • Made from light and durable 6061 aluminum
  • Can be installed within minutes without the help of a gunsmith
  • Lifetime warranty -no questions asked!

Products Specifications

  • Material: 6061 Aluminum
  • Compatibility: P365x, P365xl, and P365 SIG pistols
  • Comes with a 1/16 Allen key and durable steel replacement 6-32 set screws

 The SIG P365 series of pistols proudly carry the Sig Sauer name. As with all SIG products, the SIG P365 series is extremely reliable and accurate. Your SIG HC3652P compensator is the ultimate accessory that will help you shoot your SIGP365 faster and more accurately than you have ever shot before.