Product Feature: What Sets the CZ P10C Compensator Apart

A compensator helps control muzzle flip and felt recoil so that you return to your point of aim faster. It not only increases your speed when it comes to engaging targets in the field, but also helps to increase accuracy. Since there is low recoil, the human body’s natural tendency to flinch is automatically curtailed. 

The HC10 3.0 Compensator is a Herrington Arms product that has been designed for CZ’s premier pistol – the CZ P-10C. This compensator can seamlessly fit all OEM threaded barrels built by Primary Machine and Killer Innovations. The HC10 compressor also works very well with stock CZ 10 springs so you won’t have to change anything on your EDC weapon!

This Compensator is a rugged piece of hardware that has been built from the time tested and proven 6061 aluminum. This material has been used to create a compensator that is as lightweight as it is ultra-durable. Herrington Arms have CNC machined this product very precisely so that you will be able to depend upon this compensator to deliver the exact same high quality, every time you pull the trigger.

Key Features of the HC10 Compensator

  • It has superb recoil reduction properties that will significantly decrease both felt recoil and muzzle flip. You will notice a decrease in horizontal movement as well.
  • It's 6061 construction effectively ensures reliability, durability, and light weight. All in one highly affordable package.
  • The HC10 compensator comes with a very attractive black Cerakote finish that will be sure to compliment your CZ P10.
  • It is very easy to install and you can do it yourself, without going to your gunsmith.
  • Comprehensive lifetime warranty. No questions asked!
  • A 5/64 Allen key is also included in the package for ease of installation

The CZ p10C is a great compact pistol built by the justly venerated Česká Zbrojovka (CZ) firearms makers. The weapon blends comfort and reliability to create one of the best fighting pistols available today. The HC10 3.0 Compensator combines with compatible CZ P10 variants to create the ultimate combat pistol combination. 

In a nutshell, this compensator is an absolutely amazing upgrade that can reduce both horizontal and vertical recoil quite substantially.  Best of all, it's available at an affordable price. If you have a compatible CZ P10C pistol don't miss out on this Herrington Arms compensator.