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The Strike FSA Dual Folding Adapter - Stabilizer Edition is a versatile and innovative patented system that offers unparalleled convenience and flexibility. With its intuitive folding mechanism, you can fold the adapter to either the left or right side of your weapon platform. Without the need to reconfigure or reinstall any parts, the provided locking mechanism has a positive lock and ensures its ability to stay in place.

Deployment is quick and effortless with just a simple upward pull on the bar near the hinge. Its 3-degree tilt angle is designed to help prevent interference with your weapon's ejection port when folded to the right as well. This adapter fits directly onto a 1913 Picatinny interface with built-in locking lucks for secure attachment.

The included Stabilizer end is a great ergonomic option for completing your pistol build. Strike's Dual FSA's name comes from its interchangeability to swap out the Stabilizer end to a Stock end, should you desire to have a Short Barrel Rifle, (or SBR) configuration.

A simple pull up on the bar near the hinge and back for quick deployment when folded. A 3-degree down tilt angle is added to help prevent interference with the weapons ejection port when folded to the right side. The Strike Dual Folding Adapter mounts directly to a 1913 Picatinny interface with two (x2) built-in locking lugs for a secure attachment. For the stock rear piece, included is a rear rubber anti-slip buttpad to create the best possible shoulder weld for rifle or registered Short-Barrel Rifle (SBR) setups.

A single QD point is located on the rear of the stabilizer and ambidextrous QD sling mounting points for the stock. The Strike Dual Folding Adapter is constructed with a steel hinge and 6061-T6 Aluminum base, adapter & strut. Get a unique modular system with interchangeable (sold separately) parts like optional cheek riser (to be only used legally with stock setup), strut lengths and other accessories.

Use with almost any 1913 Picatinny rear end like the Strike AR Picatinny Stock Adapter or many factory OEM weapons with a Picatinny rail section in place of the traditional AR buffer tube threads. The Strike Dual Folding Adapter is a one of a kind adapter that gives you more options than anything on the market for those who want a truly modular folder that is under 10 ounces.

-Pressing buttons simultaneously will remove bar from hinge.
-Lubrication of hinge and button components needed for routine maintenance.

-Watch this video: How do the rubber pads work? (click link here)
-Included rubber pads in various thicknesses are for the two (x2) indentations located inside the Dual Folding Adapter side that faces the bar. Unfold and insert the desired rubber pad thickness to adjust the desired locking tension when fully deployed.

***Please note that the FSA Stock & Stabilizer End Pieces (optional items) do not include hardware***

Package Contents:
-x1 Strike Dual Folding Adapter (fully assembled with stabilizer)
-x1 Torx Tool (T25)
-x1 Warning Card

Product Features:
-Patented first-in-market Picatinny dual folding adapter with intuitive unfolding system
-Folds left or right anytime without flipping or reconfiguring hinge
-Positive lock in the folded position
-Includes rubber pads for indentation to adjust desired locking tension when fully deployedv -Rapid deployment
-3-degree downward tilt to help prevent interference with ejection port when folded to right side
-Mounts directly to 1913 Picatinny interface with 2 built-in locking lugs
-Single rear QD sling mounting point
-Steel hinge with 6061-T6 Aluminum base, adapter, & strut
-Lightweight at under 10 ounces

Product Specifications:
OVERALL LENGTH:[Stabilizer] adds 9.24" (234.64mm)
FOLDED OVERALL LENGTH: Adapter adds 1.02” (26.00mm) to overall weapon length in folded position
-LENGTH: 240.50mm (9.44")
-WIDTH: 53.05mm (2.09")
-HEIGHT: 141.95mm (5.59")
-WEIGHT: 9.60 oz

-Rear-facing 1913 Picatinny rails
-Strike AR Picatinny Stock Adapter -B&T APC9/45, APC223/300, GHM
-Brownells BRN-180 lower receiver
-CZ Bren 2
-CZ Scorpion EVO pistol w/ SI Stock Adapter Back Plate
-Galil ACE
-Ruger PC Charger

-Dirt and/or sand can hinder folding hinge proper operation.
-Not recommended for use while mortaring firearm to clear malfunctions.
-Expect wear and tear on folding locking mechanism from long term use.
-Be careful, avoid fingers from getting caught during folding and unfolding process.

-Not recommended for use while mortaring firearm to clear malfunctions.
-Before every use, always check proper function of your QD mount and/or sling loop and any wear and tear from use.
-Always have your weapon in the SAFE position when not being fired.
-Always follow all firearms safety rules and never point your weapon at anything you are not willing to destroy.

-Always check with your state and local laws. We are not lawyers and cannot provide legal advice.
-Stabilizer was designed and intended for use as a stabilizing accessory for one-handed firing along with rear QD sling attachment point.

WARNING: This product contains chemicals known to the State of California to cause cancer and birth defects or other reproductive harm. For more information:



Every compensator we manufacture has undergone rigorous reliability testing!

The design phase

Every product we make goes through a week long design process and multiple versions before we machine a prototype!

CNC Machining

We currently machine all of our compensators on 2 brand new Doosan DNM4500S CNC milling machines and a 2019 Tormach 1000mx CNC milling machine!


The answer is easy! All you need to do is purchase the threaded barrel that matches your slide. For example, if you have a carry length slide you need a carry length threaded barrel (4.6"). If you have an X compact slide you need a X compact threaded barrel (4.3"). This will allow you to run a longer frame and give you an integrated look.


Yes they do. We have run tens of thousand of rounds through all of our models and have had zero malfunctions. If you are having an issue with a build, it is likely the case you have installed our prodcut incoretly or your handgun needs broken in. Compensators need a smooth running system to be reliable. A new handgun has tolerances that need to be worn in before we suggest adding a compensator

-It's easy! We designed our comps to be self-timing so all you have to do is

- Remove your slide from you frame

- Remove your guide rod assembly

- Apply Loctite to barrel threads

- Thread comp onto barrel until it stops

- Back off a 1/8 turn

- Apply Loctite to set screws

- Tighten down set screws


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