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A magwell is a very important accessory for your carry weapon. It is ideal for IDPA-style practical shooting competitions too. Your SIG P320 magwell will increase your reloading speed and help ensure you don't fumble during high-stress tactical reloads.

The Herrington Arms SIG P320 magwell has been constructed of light yet durable weapons grade 6061 aluminum. It won’t chip or break easily even if you drop your P320 pistol on a hard surface. It has been precision engineered on cutting-edge CNC machinery and designed to withstand the impact of even very high-speed reloads.


We noticed a flaw in the magwell's from our competitors, you could not use a flush fit standard capacity magazine. We see this as a problem as most of our customers conceal carry their coemption handguns. So, we resolved this problem by machining clearance notches in the magwell for an oem magazine baseplate. For EDC printing is a big concern and if you have to carry an extended mag in the gun you will almost always print. This magwell gives you the best of both worlds, with a funnel for reloads and the ability to carry the standard mags!

It is available in Legion Gray, FDE, and a matte black anodized finish. Apart from its innate functionality, you can also count on our magwell to enhance the looks of your everyday carry pistol. It also protects your weapon’s frame in case it is dropped frame first. This magwell is perfect for just about any task in the field and on the range.

The HA SIG P320 magwell integrates form with seamless functionality and makes the reloading process extremely fast and smooth. It creates a funnel that guides your loaded magazine so that it slides quickly and easily into your pistol’s grip. In a real-life self-defense situation, every single second counts for a lifetime. Here our magwell will give you that extra edge you need. It is also equally useful in any practical shooting competition when you have to race the clock.

This magwell has been carefully created keeping in mind the concerns of people who conceal carry their weapons every day. Its slim profile would neither print nor protrude, so you may carry your P320 with full confidence after installing it. It won’t hinder the functionality of your pistol, nor encumber you in any way, whenever you draw your weapon.

Key Highlights of the Herrington Arms SIG P320 Pistol Magwell

  • Available in Sniper grey Cerakote, FDE Cerakote, and matte black anodized finish options to add a touch of class to your EDC lifestyle
  • 6061 weapon-grade aluminum ensures extreme durability
  • Very lightweight, so it won’t interfere with the overall balance of your handgun
  • No questions asked, lifetime warranty!
  • Screw and Allen key included in the package[1]

The SIG P320 Pistol

The SIG P320 is one of the most reliable and durable handguns in the world today. This modular platform has been chosen as the official sidearm of the US armed forces. Thanks to its reliability, durability and proven track record, many legally armed civilians have now also chosen this pistol as their EDC weapon.

The Sig Sauer P320 is already incredibly versatile, and the addition of this magwell enhances its modularity even further. It enables you to load standard capacity and even extended magazines smoothly and rapidly without any issues, so you don’t ever run out of ammo in any situation!

Key Specifications

  • Material: 6061 Aluminum
  • Finish: Black anodized, FDE Cerakote and Sniper grey Cerakote
  • Compatibility: SIG P320 full size and X series

[1]The frame is not included in the package


Every compensator we manufacture has undergone rigorous reliability testing!

The design phase

Every product we make goes through a week long design process and multiple versions before we machine a prototype!

CNC Machining

We currently machine all of our compensators on 2 brand new Doosan DNM4500S CNC milling machines and a 2019 Tormach 1000mx CNC milling machine!


The answer is easy! All you need to do is purchase the threaded barrel that matches your slide. For example, if you have a carry length slide you need a carry length threaded barrel (4.6"). If you have an X compact slide you need a X compact threaded barrel (4.3"). This will allow you to run a longer frame and give you an integrated look.


Yes they do. We have run tens of thousand of rounds through all of our models and have had zero malfunctions. If you are having an issue with a build, it is likely the case you have installed our prodcut incoretly or your handgun needs broken in. Compensators need a smooth running system to be reliable. A new handgun has tolerances that need to be worn in before we suggest adding a compensator

-It's easy! We designed our comps to be self-timing so all you have to do is

- Remove your slide from you frame

- Remove your guide rod assembly

- Apply Loctite to barrel threads

- Thread comp onto barrel until it stops

- Back off a 1/8 turn

- Apply Loctite to set screws

- Tighten down set screws


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