Why You Need a Compensator for Your Glock

If you own a Glock, then you know that one of the most popular modifications for them is to add a compensator. A compensator attaches to the end of your barrel and directs some of the gas from each shot down into the ground, reducing felt recoil. It also helps control muzzle rise when shooting. In this article we will explore why adding a compensator to your gun may be beneficial for both competition shooters and everyday carriers!

  • Compensators are not only for competition shooters. They also reduce muzzle rise and felt recoil, which is good for everyday carriers too!
  • They help to control the upward movement of your gun while shooting. This reduces any perceived "jump" when transitioning from target to target or from one type of shot (full-auto) to another (single shots).
  • Compensators are relatively easy to install on Glock models 17/19/22/23; they require no modifications or change in function.
  • Compensators are also very affordable, typically costing $100 or less. A lot of shooters find that these benefits more than make up for the cost!

It's no wonder that Glock compensators are one of the most popular attachments. Just remember, you may need to replace your holster after purchasing one. Not all stock holsters will properly fit after.