Why the Combat Application Tourniquet Is Considered A Top 10 Greatest Invention of the US Army

The North American Rescue CAT Tourniquet is an invention that has been credited with saving innumerable lives. This is an actual one-handed tourniquet that can be used single-handedly by even a grievously wounded individual. The United States Army's Institute of Surgical Research (ISR) has proven that if it is applied correctly, it will be 100 percent effective at its task. That is, the CAT will completely occlude blood flow from a significantly hemorrhaging extremity in the event of a highly traumatic wound

Durable Windlass System

This tourniquet uses a highly durable and reliable windlass system that comes equipped with its own patented and unique free-moving internal band. This band provides the required circumferential pressure to the injured extremity. Once the CAT has been adequately tightened, it will stop the bleeding and the windlass can be safely secured and locked into place. Its loop and hook windlass-operated retention strap is then applied to safely secure the windlass. It will maintain pressure on the wound during evacuation of the casualty.

It is this distinctive dual securing system that makes the CAT such a crucial survival tool. It avoids the use of complicated clips and screws since they become very difficult to operate under the extreme stress of a survival situation. It can also be operated even if fine motor skills have been compromised due to the injury.

Its reinforced windlass rod has a wide diameter for greater strength and very aggressive ribbing in order to improve the grip even with wet and slick hands. Both Special Operation and conventional forces are currently using the CAT in all theaters of operations.

Key Features

  • If applied properly, it can quickly control life-threatening bleeding in any extremity of the body
  • It is recommended by the Committee on Tactical Combat Casualty Care (CTCCC)
  • The CAT can perform well in all weather conditions
  • Cost-effective, yet light and small enough to be stashed away until needed
  • The CAT offers a patented ‘band within a band’ design
  • The US army has been using it as their official tourniquet since 2005


  • Weight: 2.7 oz.
  • Open length: 37.5 inches

The North American CAT is hands down the very best combat application tourniquet around. It can literally mean the difference between life and death in case of an injury. Keep one in your home or car so that it is always there in case you need it.