Upgrading Your Backup Glock: Glock 19 Mag Extension

There is no such thing as ‘too much firepower’ in case there is a real emergency. You can add that much needed little bit of extra trigger time to your Glock 19 by using the Herrington Arms Glock 19 Mag Extension. It can increase the G19’s original 15+1 capacity to 20+1. Unlike many other mag extensions available in the market, this one increases your weapon’s capacity by a full five rounds instead of just two or three.

It has been constructed of 6061 aluminum which is both very durable and so light, you will barely feel that it’s there.  The part has been very precisely CNC machined to ensure that it always works flawlessly, every time you squeeze the trigger. It is available in both FDE (flat dark earth) and simple black Cerakote finish. This way, you can either complement your Glock with the same color, or opt for a bit of contrast. It also fits the Magpul magwell, so you won’t have to change the furniture on your everyday carry weapon.

Seamless Compatibility

This extension can also fit your Glock 17’s baseplate. All you will need is the correct spring and viola - your 17+1 Glock 17 becomes a 22+1 very high capacity super shooter.  The extension comes with a lifetime warranty, no questions asked! You have any issues with the problem, simply return it, and get a replacement or your money back.

The GLOCK 19 (chambered in 9mm Luger) is widely considered by experts to be the ideal mix between concealability and firepower. From police departments to our nation’s special forces, the Glock 19 has found users and admirers everywhere. Its reduced dimensions can fit most hand sizes and make for a very comfortable shooting experience. 

Apart from being an OWB sidearm for uniformed personnel, the G 19 also makes a great backup gun and can also be used for concealed carry purposes. The one thing it was lacking was extra firepower. Now that problem has been solved.  Thanks to this magazine extension, you will have the same firepower as some of the largest full-sized weapons available in the handgun market. 

Whether it’s an IDPA style combat tournament or an actual situation - you can always benefit from the Herrington Arms Glock 19 mag extension.