Reduce Vertical Muzzle Climb and Horizontal Recoil Arc in Your Sig Sauer P320: P320 Compensator

The HC320 Compensator by Herrington Arms has been designed to work perfectly with the Sig Sauer P320 pistol series. The compensator works extremely well when it comes to reducing both vertical climb as well as the horizontal recoil impulse, after a shot. It has been made from rugged and sturdy 6061 aluminum and currently available in both Flat Dark Earth (FDE) and black Cerakote finish. This way, you can opt for whichever color you think will look best with your Sig P30.  

You can rest assured that this compensator will work perfectly well with the stock springs present on your pistol so there is no need to change the internals of your carry weapon. It will fit all X-Compact 1/2-28 threaded barrels, as well as X-Carry, Compact, and full-size P320 pistols.[1]

Why Choose the HC320 Compensator?

  • For one thing, it is extremely effective at reducing both vertical muzzle flip and horizontal recoil. This way, you will reacquire the target a whole lot faster after every shot.
  • Low recoil leads to greater accuracy since you won’t flinch every time you squeeze the trigger.
  • Its 6061 Aluminum construction ensures not just a very light product, but also extreme longevity.
  • You don't need a gunsmith to install this compensator since it's an easy DIY job.
  • Herrington Arms offers a lifetime warranty - no questions asked!

Sig and Herrington Arms: Bywords for Absolute Reliability

The Sig P320 is a great pistol that offers unparalleled reliability and accuracy over most other pistol platforms. The HC320 Sig p320 compensator is an awesome accessory for your P320. This is thanks to its ability to reduce felt recoil in situations where every shot counts.

It fits flawlessly on the barrel as if it were part of the pistol itself. It does not matter if you are carrying the full-sized variant or any of the compact ones - your HC320 compensator will ensure that you are back on target faster than ever before.

Herrington Arms have a clear winner in the form of the HC320 sig p320 Compensator. Best of all, it is available at a highly competitive price. If there is one recoil reduction upgrade you need for your Sig P320 series pistol, it is definitely this compensator!


[1] Not Compatible with either EFK or Bar-Sto Barrels.