Glock 9mm Compensator: An Effective and Attractive Addition to Your Glock

Glock pistols have taken the world by storm practically since the day they burst on the world scene. Gaston Glock had a clear winner on his hands when he first showed his revolutionary design to the rest of the world.

In terms of simplicity and reliability, Glock has no superiors and hardly any equals.  A Glock can shoot thousands of rounds without any issue and it is so simple it can be field stripped and cleaned within minutes. It has very few parts so there is little chance of anything going wrong. Moreover, its low bore axis ensures that it doesn’t jump that much when you shoot the weapon. This holds true for all Glocks, irrespective of generation and caliber.

Improving on Perfection

The good People at Glock Inc. refer to their weapons as “Glock Perfection.” Which leads to the question of how does one improve on perfection? With a compensator, of course! Herrington Arms have created their  Glock HC9C 3.0 Micro Compensator for  Glock models 17, 19, and 26 Gens 2 to 5. While the muzzle flip of the Glock pistol is low, it can be improved with the help of a compensator.

Why Should You Use the H9C Micro Compensator?

The Glock pistol is a short recoil operated weapon. It uses a variation of John M Browning’s timeless locked-breech mechanism, while this mechanism is reliable, but it does tilt the barrel upwards whenever the weapon is fired. This is where the Glock compensator comes into its own. It not only reduces vertical recoil quite substantially, but also helps to curtail the horizontal recoil arc too. It does this via its vent holes located both on top and the sides. These holes tunnel the gas not just upwards, but also to both the sides. This keeps the weapon aligned on target.

The gases are forced upwards and to the sides instead of exiting the weapon from the muzzle. This forces the barrel downwards even as it is climbing upwards, which means you are back on target faster than ever before.

The H9C Micro Compensator is made of 6061 Aluminum and finished in an attractive and durable black Cerakote color that will enhance the rugged beauty of your Glock pistol. It also comes with a 5*64 Allen key for ease of installation.

Adding this small and discreet glock 9mm compensator to your EDC pistol will not only make it more effective, but also attractive as well. Best of all, it is small enough to fit your concealed carry lifestyle.