Finding A Low-Weight Compensator For Your Concealed Carry: Glock Micro Compensator

Gaston Glock’s iconic pistol has taken the world by storm. From police officers to the FBI to Special Forces, the by now ubiquitous Glock is arguably the world’s most well-known gun.

Apart from its simplicity and reliability, another amazing aspect of this pistol is its breathtaking modularity. A Glock can be accessorized and modified in more ways than perhaps any other pistol available today. From RDS to mag extensions to drop-in trigger kits, the Glock has it all.

Glock Compensators

One of the best ways of improving ‘Glock Perfection’ is to use a compensator. While the recoil of the Glock 9x19 pistols is not very high thanks to the weapon’s low bore axis, it is there nonetheless. The greater the felt recoil, the longer the time it will take you to get back on target.

Enter the Glock micro compensator. This barrel extension is so small and light that it barely affects the balance of the weapon. However, its performance is at par with bigger and heavier compensators.

How Does It Work?

The Glock pistol uses the standard tilt locked-breech reloading mechanism. It is the most common type of pistol mechanism in the world. The weapon’s slide goes back to eject the spent shell and pluck a fresh round from the magazine to reload the gun. In the process, the weapon flips upwards.

Your HC9C micro compensator will expel the gases from the exploding powder upwards, thereby lowering the weapon. This will mean reduced real and perceived recoil. Since you recover faster after every shot, you will be able to shoot quicker than ever before. Low recoil also means less flinch so you won't jerk the trigger after the shot. This will lead to greater accuracy, both on and off the range.

Seamless Compatibility

This compensator works with stock Glock springs and will fit Glocks from G2 to Gen 5. It is available for the full-size Glock 17, the medium-sized Glock 19, and even the tiny Glock 26.

Its black Cerakote finish will enhance the looks of your pistol while its aluminum construction guarantees extreme durability. Best of all, this tough yet discreet product comes with Herrington Arms no questions asked lifetime warranty!

If you are interested in recoil reduction on your Glock 17, 19 or 26, this is the product to get.

There is no doubt that Herrington Arms has a clear winner in the form of the HC9C glock micro compensator.