Building a custom Sig P320

So we have all seen pictures floating around the internet of these 320's with integrated compensators. It looks badass and is a no Brainer for competition or edc! The question we keep getting is what do we need to build one!? Well the answer is simple, for the build pictured in this Blog post you must have a compact slide, a 4.6" 1/2-28 compact threaded barrel, a full size/ x5 legion frame, a Sig FCU, and our 320 comp! You can still have a sub compact or "X compact" setup like this however you need a sub compact slide/barrel and a compact frame! You won't get a fully integrated look because it only covers half the compensator but it still looks amazing! DO NOT PUT A X COMPACT SLIDE WITH A FULL SIZE FRAME! If you do, you will have the comp fall short of the frame and it will look incorrect.