Suppressing the Kick: Unraveling the Benefits of the Glock 19 Gen 5 Compensator

In terms of reliability, simplicity, and durability, Glock has few peers and no superiors. Glock firearms are known to perform flawlessly year after year in even the harshest environments and conditions. That’s why Gaston Glock’s masterpiece is arguably the most popular handgun in the world.  

From our nation’s Armed Forces and police departments to federal agencies and legally armed civilians, the (by now) ubiquitous Glock is the number one choice. This has a lot to do with the innate simplicity of the design. A Glock rarely malfunctions as long as it’s used with quality ammunition. That’s why its inventor calls his creation ‘Glock Perfection.’ 

However, you can improve on perfection since the Glock is the most easily modifiable handgun around. Among a plethora of visually appealing accessories is one that’s an absolute must—the Compensator.

Why Should You Compensate Your Glock?

Like most big-bore pistols, Glocks also operate on the basis of Browning’s tilt barrel locked breech mechanism. Unlike the simple blowback system, the locked breech concept enables operators to shoot even very powerful cartridges without risk of personal injury or damage to the weapon. 

Unfortunately, as the term implies, the barrel tilts upward whenever the weapon is fired. While the Glock has a low bore axis that mitigates recoil to an extent, it cannot prevent the muzzle from flipping upward. 

That’s why you need a compensator to effectively suppress the weapon’s kick or recoil. The device has holes drilled in its sides and top that are designed to channel the expanding gases in a specific direction. 

When you shoot your medium frame, lightweight Glock, it automatically jerks upward, and you are forced to re-align the weapon on target once again. Apart from ruining the sight picture, you have to take careful aim before squeezing off another shot. This drastically reduces speed and accuracy at the range—and in the field. 

However, attaching a compensator to your Glock’s barrel will ensure the gases are released upward, effectively pushing your hand down. This way, your sight picture will remain constant, and your aim would be rock steady as you shoot round after round—right on target. 

The HC9C 3.0 Glock Compensator by Harrington Arms

This small yet effective compensator is just what you need for your Glock 19. It’s made of weapons-grade 6061 aluminum and can survive in all kinds of combat situations. It’s small enough to fit your EDC rig, yet gets the job done just like its much bigger counterparts. It’s fully compatible with all 17, 19, and 26 Gen 2-5 Glock models.

Best of all, you don’t need to change its guide rod, springs, or anything else since it works perfectly with OEM components. It’s available in both black anodized finish and FDE Cerakote to add a bit of bling to your trusty sidearm. 

Rest assured, the Glock 19 Gen 5 compensator is undoubtedly the most useful accessory you can buy for your Glock pistol!