Micro Compensators: The Key to Superior Glock Performance and Control

All handguns—regardless of their ergonomics and design—are subject to the laws of physics. It is these laws that determine felt recoil, i.e., how much the weapon jumps in your hand. As a general rule, the smaller and lighter the handgun, the greater the recoil impulse.

Sure, big-bore and lightweight concealed carry handguns are a great option from the everyday carry viewpoint. However, they are not easy to shoot comfortably compared to their full-sized counterparts. 

Shooting full-power combat and SD loads in a small gun can lead to severe flinching issues. Here, ‘flinching’ means pushing or ‘dipping’ your handgun downward in anticipation of the recoil impulse that jerk’s your hand straight up every time you shoot. Excessive flinching might even lead to a complete miss—even if you are trying to hit a full-size silhouette target at 10 yards! This habit, once developed, is extremely hard to get rid of, and you might find yourself shooting all over the place. 

However, you don’t need to swap your EDC Glock with a full-sized, all-metal, heavy-weight weapon to curb felt recoil. Not when you can install a micro compensator on your daily carry handgun. 

Enter the Herrington Arm’s HC43 Micro Compensator!

This tiny yet impressive compressor can reduce muzzle flip and felt recoil in your Glock pistol, and it is perfect for Glock models 17, 19, and 26 (Gens 2-5). 

While the Glock is a great handgun and ergonomically designed to ensure minimal muzzle flip, its tilt barrel mechanism cannot absorb all that excessive recoil. Add to that its light weight which, while being a good carry option, makes for a jumpy firearm. This holds true even for the full-sized Glock 17 as well, especially if you use full power +P combat loads. 

When you shoot your weapon, the escaping gases are violently ejected from the muzzle, tilting it upward. This means you will have to realign your sights on target after every shot. The Glock’s traditionally low bore axis helps mitigate this problem, but only to a certain extent—and most of the energy is passed directly onto your shooting hand and arm. 

However, Herrington Arms HC43 Glock Micro Compensator has effectively eliminated this problem once and for all. You can rely on it to reduce both muzzle flip as well as the recoil impulse. Its porting holes have been precision-engineered to ensure the gases push the weapon downward even as the locked breech mechanism thrusts it upward. 

In a nutshell, your Glock will always remain rock steady, and thereby ensure that you will be able to take rapid and accurate shots with full confidence. Best of all, it works flawlessly with your Glock pistol’s original springs (with 1/2-28-sized barrels), so you won’t have to change the internals on your SD weapon.  

Herrington Arms’ Glock Micro Compensator will help ensure you are a better and faster shot without compromising the balance and concealability of your weapon. Just try it and see for yourself!