Going the Extra Round: Why Glock 19 Mag Extensions Are a Game-Changer

If there is one truism universally accepted by professionals and firearms enthusiasts alike, it would have to be “there’s no such thing as too much fire power.” A ‘click’ instead of a ‘bang’ is the most dreaded sound in the world—especially when lives are on the line.  

The Glock model 19 is arguably one of the best compromises between concealability and large ammo capacity. It is also an extremely simple weapon, and its manual of arms consists of the straightforward ‘draw, aim, shoot’ system. It is also highly accurate and reliable. In fact, just the weapon you want at your side when the chips go down and you have to fight for your life!

This is why it’s the weapon of choice for our elite Navy Seals, Force Recon, and other special forces. However, they are not its only users. 

From the FBI to local, state, and other law enforcement agencies, to civilians—the G19 is a step ahead of every competing sidearm and one of the most popular handguns in the world. However, it does lack a bit in the capacity department since its polymer mag holds only 15 rounds. 

Enter the Glock 19 Mag Extension!

Herrington Arms’ Glock 19 mag extensions are available in discreet +2 or large +5 configurations. They have been made from sturdy 6061 aluminum that’s as light as it is durable. You can accessorize your Glock magazines with these extensions without worrying that they will offset the perfect balance of your fine weapon. All Herrington Arms Glock mag extensions are very precisely CNC machined to ensure they will work perfectly every time you press the trigger. 

You can also install these mag extensions on Glock 19’s diminutive cousin, the sub-compact Glock 26—and that’s not all! They can even be used to increase the capacity of your Glock 17 pistol as well. Thanks to these extensions, you can increase the G17’s round count from 17 rounds to a formidable 19 or even 22+1. Be it home defense, tournament, or the field, you won’t need to fear running out of ammo in any situation. 

There’s no need to change the spring of your OEM Glock magazine for the +2 extension, while the +5 extension comes with its own spring to ensure flawless feeding in your Glock pistol. Both these extensions work equally well and can be used for Glock models 17, 19, & 26. 

These extensions are now available in FDE or simple black Cerakote finish. Since they will protrude from the magwell, you can choose the color of your choice to complement your EDC pistol. 

The Glock 19 mag extension is the single most important accessory you need for your Glock pistol. These extensions are perfect for both open and concealed carry, and they will give you that extra edge—just when you need it the most!