Customize and Conquer: Personalizing Your Glock 19/26 with the +2+5 Mag Extension

Arguably, the worst sound in the world would be a click instead of a bang when your very life is on the line! Sure, the modern combat pistol has far more ammo than at any time in history, but you can always do with a few extra rounds. 

The Glocks 19 and 26 are fabulous weapons designed for concealed carry. You can carry these medium and small-frame weapons all day without feeling their presence, until needed. However, they suffer from the one major disadvantage of all compact guns—low ammo capacity. These small and lightweight weapons are a compromise between concealability and firepower. 

However, there is no need to compromise anymore when you can have the best of both worlds. Herrington Arms’ +2 and +5 mag extensions can give you the edge you need to come out on top—regardless of the situation. 

These extensions are as reliable as they are discreet, and your weapon won’t print as much as a full-sized handgun. The +2 extension can bump your G19’s firepower so that it’s equal to its formidable G17 full-sized counterpart, while the +5 extension would increase it all the way up to 20+1 capacity.

You can even use these mags to increase the ammo capacity of the diminutive Glock Model 26. The 10-round G26 will pack the same punch as the G19 with the +5 extension. If deep concealment is necessary, you can go with the +2 extension without compromising on its stellar deep concealment abilities.

The HA +5/+2 G19/G26 mag extensions are available in Black, OD Green, FDE, and Sniper Grey Cerakote finishes to enhance the rugged look of your EDC weapon. 

Key Highlights of the Herrington Arms G19/26 +2 and +5 Mag Extensions 

  • Small-sized and reliable +5/+2 mag extensions that help increase your firepower when the chips are down
  • Lifetime warranty—no questions asked!
  • Easy installation without a visit to the gunsmith
  • Made from lightweight yet durable 6061 aluminum 
  • The Mag kit comes with all the items you need for installation in your OEM Glock magazines.

Herrington Arms +2/+5 Mag Extensions for Glock 19/26 have been expressly designed to meet all your concealed carry needs. They are drop-safe and can be carried in your regular holster and mag carrier rig. Get them both today, and rock your Glock with full confidence!