Why Glock Compensators Are Your Glock’s Best Friend

The Glock is arguably the world’s most popular handgun and is widely used by law enforcement, uniformed military forces, and even legally armed civilians everywhere. It is a minimalistic weapon that’s easy to operate, fieldstrip, and clean. At the same time, it is light, dependable, and highly reliable.

Like most other big bore pistols, it also operates on the basis of John Browning’s timeless tilt barrel lock breech mechanism. While this operating system is considered ideal for just about every large caliber handgun, it does have a major drawback.

The barrel traps the expanding gases and releases them when they are cool enough to cycle the weapon. This means that the barrel 'tilts' upward every time you take a shot. This sharp upward movement is more pronounced with +P ammo and larger calibers.

Glock pistols traditionally have a low bore axis, which aids in curbing felt recoil. However, the laws of physics are inviolate, and the escaping gases push even a Glock upward and make it difficult to take follow-up shots rapidly and accurately. This is where compensators come into the picture.

The Glock Micro Compensator by Herrington Arms: Just What You Need for Your Glock

A compensator has strategically placed vents on its surface that help channel the rapidly expanding gases in a specific direction. This controls the direction of the shot. A great compensator will not only reduce felt recoil substantially, but it will also make shooting your Glock an absolute breeze.

The good people at Herrington Arms have created a clear winner in the form of their 3.0 Glock Micro Compensator. It has been designed for one purpose alone—to reduce recoil and make your Glock a sheer pleasure to shoot. This small but highly effective 3.0 micro compensator can fit 9x19 Glock models 17, 19, and 26 pistols.

It will expand the gases straight upward, and thereby push your trusty Glock downward to counteract the upward thrust of the shot. It will substantially reduce perceived and real recoil. Since low recoil aids in flinch reduction, you will become a more accurate and faster shot, on and off the range.

It is compatible with all stock 17, 19, and 26 model pistols as long as they are generations 2–5. This light and discreet compensator is easy to install on your EDC weapon so you will be able to carry it with confidence. Unlike many other Glock accessories, the 3.0 Glock compensator helps you become a better and faster shot when the chips are down!