Exploring the Benefits of a 9mm Compensator for Glock Handguns

The late Gaston Glock’s masterpiece namesake pistol turned the world of firearms on its head! In fact, the Glock is considered the absolute best when it comes to simplicity, reliability, and dependability. 

The Glock 9mm pistol is exceptionally accurate regardless of its model or generation. This supremely minimalistic weapon is easy to fieldstrip, operate, and clean. Like most big-bore self-defense pistols, it uses the time-tested lock breech tilt barrel mechanism. This popular pistol operating system is perfect for most large-caliber handguns, albeit, it does have at least one major drawback. 

The barrel contains the rapidly expanding gasses and the mechanism only releases them only once they have generated enough force to cycle your weapon. This means the slide of your Glock will inevitably tilt upwards whenever you take a shot. This sudden and involuntary upward movement is particularly pronounced when using +p premium SD loads. 

All Glock pistols are known for their low bore axis that aids in cubing felt recoil. The laws of physics cannot be violated. In other words, the escaping gasses will always flip your Glock upwards. This, in turn, will make it difficult to take rapid and accurate follow-up shots. However, you can eliminate this 'muzzle flip' by using a compensator. 

The Glock 9mm Compensator: The Ideal Accessory for Your EDC Glock 

The HC compensator is equipped with vents on its upper surface that channel the expanding gasses in a particular direction. If the vents are placed correctly, it will control the overall direction of the recoil. A well-designed compensator will always reduce felt recoil to a great degree. It will also ensure your shooting experience is as pleasant as possible. 

Herrington Arms’ engineers have created a must-have accessory with their 9mm Glock compensator. The H3C has been designed for the express purpose of reducing felt recoil, thereby making your Glock a pleasure to shoot. This small but highly effective HC9C 3.0 compensator is suitable for Glock’s 19,17, & 26 models, provided they are generations 2 to 5 and have a threaded barrel.  

It works by channeling the rapidly expanding gasses upwards and pushing your trusty Glock straight down to offset the rapid upward thrust of your shot. This way, it substantially reduces both real and perceived recoil. Flinch reduction is also another amazing benefit of low-felt recoil. Heavy recoil often makes shooters flinch and causes them to miss their target. However, your Glock compensator will ensure you'll become a faster and more accurate shot. 

This incredibly discreet and lightweight compensator is made from weapons-grade 6061 durable aluminum and is available in attractive matt black or FDE finishes. It is also very easy to install on your everyday carry weapon. It’s so small that it won’t interfere with the balance of your fine handgun, nor will you face any issues finding a carry rig for your EDC weapon. 

Rest assured, you will be able to carry your Glock with total confidence after installing your Glock 9mm compensator.