The Impact of Compensators on Glock 19 Gen 5 Shooting Dynamics

The Glock Gen 5 is a great pistol when it comes to ease of operation and simplicity. In other words, the weapon is easy to operate, easy to fieldstrip, and easy to maintain. Add to that its legendary reliability and durability, and we can see why it’s the single most popular handgun platform in the world!

All Glocks (and the Gen 5 in particular) have been equipped with angled grips and a low bore axis. These innovations ensure the recoil of these fine pistols is kept to a bare minimum. However, the Glock 19’s 9x19 caliber round is a full-blown military and law enforcement combat load. It’s not just our armed forces, police departments, and federal agencies alone, but armies and security services all over the world use this caliber for front-line combat duty. 

Full-power field loads generate a lot of recoil and make rapid and accurate follow-up shots difficult—even for the latest Glock Gen 5 variants. This holds particularly true for the shorter, more easily concealable G19. Its smaller size and lesser weight mean all the energy of the firing sequence is transferred to your hand. 

This, in turn, can lead to flinching issues that would compel the shooter to dip the weapon before taking the shot, thus, ruining their aim. Apart from that, you’ll need more time to align your sights on target after taking a shot, thus decreasing your ability to squeeze off rapid and accurate shots from your G19. 

Enter the Compensator!

All of these issues can be resolved easily if you install a compensator on the muzzle of your carry weapon. A compensator is a device that channels the excess gases into a specific direction when you discharge your weapon. It has strategically placed holes that vent the gases upward. This pushes the weapon down just as the Glock’s tilt-barrel locked-breech mechanism pushes it upward. 

The two forces counteract each other, and the result is a rock-steady firearm. One that enables you to shoot more rapidly and accurately than ever before. It also helps get rid of unpleasant habits such as flinching and jerking the weapon every time you shoot. 

Why Choose the HC9C 3.0? 

The good people at Herrington Arms have created a clear winner in the form of their uniquely designed HC9C 3.0 GMC (Glock Micro Compensator). This small compensator may look tiny, but it’s big on performance. It has been designed for one purpose—to reduce recoil substantially without decreasing your G19’s legendary reliability.

Manufactured from highly durable and lightweight 6061 aluminum, it will last as long as your Glock. It is available in matte black or FDE options to enhance the rugged good looks as well as the visual compatibility of your weapon.

This compensator works flawlessly with your G19’s stock springs and can be installed easily on all Glock 17/19/26 models that are equipped with 1/2-28 barrels. Barring the Gen 1 models, it will work with every other Glock generation. 

Get Herrington Arms’ Glock 19 Gen 5 Compensator today to push your skills to the limit!