The Glock 9mm Compensator: A Game-Changer for Recoil Management

The Glock pistol is, without a shadow of a doubt, the single most popular handgun in existence today. Gaston Glock’s minimalist design has been adopted by our armed forces as well as law enforcement and civilian owners all over the world. 

It’s easy to field strip and clean and very easy to shoot, thanks to its low-bore axis. However, you can decrease the recoil impulse further by adding a compensator to the weapon's muzzle. 

Why Do You Need a Compensator for Your Glock Pistol?

A Glock 9x19 pistol works on the same tilt breech, locked-barrel principle as most other powerful handguns. In other words, the slide recoils hard whenever you operate the weapon, which makes muzzle flip inevitable. While your Glock’s low-bore axis will help tame runaway recoil to a great extent, it won’t be able to avoid its felt recoil. 

This means you will have to re-align your target every time you have to take another shot, effectively reducing speed and accuracy. This holds particularly true in a highly stressed combat situation. However, you don’t have to suffer from harsh felt recoil anymore since you can add a compensator to your Glock. 

This is a simple barrel attachment designed to help you rapidly re-acquire your target by curbing real and perceived recoil. A well-designed compensator will not only tame the harsh recoil even of full power +P rounds, but it will also increase muzzle control at the range—and in defensive situations. 

Apart from that, your Glock compensator will also help curb muzzle movement and ensure a rock-steady sight picture that will enable you to take more precise and faster follow-up shots.

How Does It Work? 

The compensator reduces the forceful ejection of quickly expanding gases that propel the slug or projectile toward its target. The rapid expansion of these gases pushes your Glock pistol upward, jerking your hand back and up. 

Here, your weapon's compensator channels these expanding gases via its strategically placed portholes. As the sheer physical force of the firing sequence pushes the muzzle upward, the compensator vents the excess gases and pushes them down. This way, it counteracts the force of the recoil impulse. This, in turn, results in minimizing the overall movement of the pistol in your hand, especially when participating in rapid-fire drills. 

The Herrington Arms HC9C Glock Compensator

This nifty little accessory has been created from weapon grade 6061 aluminum material and engineered to last. It is small enough to fit on your EDC rig, yet powerful enough to tame even the harshest recoil. Best of all, it works well with all Glock 17, 19, and 26 variants as long as they are Gen two to five. You can also use it with OEM springs, so you won’t have to change the components of your trusty EDC weapon. It is available in both FDE and black anodized finish to complement the rugged good looks of your Glock pistol.

Get a Herrington Arms Glock 19 Compensator today and see the difference yourself!