Customizing Your Glock: Why a 9mm Compensator Should Be Your First Upgrade

All firearms typically generate recoil impulse. That is, they push your weapon in a direction different from the trajectory of the projectile being fired from it. For each and every action there is an inevitable reaction, and the same applies to the world of firearms, too. 

In other words, your weapon will buck and flip every time you take a shot—and the lesser the gun's weight, the greater will be its felt recoil. Most big-bore combat handguns operate along the lines of the mechanism developed by John Browning, i.e., the lock barrel tilt-breech mechanism.

This means your handgun will always pull upward whenever you take a shot. It doesn't matter how skilled you are; it will still take longer to get back on your target for subsequent shots. However, you can avoid this delay between shots by using a compensator to help reduce muzzle flip. 

The Glock Compensator: The Best Accessory for your EDC Glock!

You can safely attach this device to the barrel of your 9mm Glock. Once properly installed, you can rely on it to redirect the gasses generated by the exploding gun powder in a pre-specified direction. Without a compensator, the explosion's full force will cause your weapon to push upward and back. Since the gasses are not being channeled in any particular direction, they can also cause horizontal movement of the muzzle, thereby impairing your accuracy. 

However, your Glock compensator will ensure this doesn't happen by channeling the gasses via port holes on its surface. These holes will vent the excess gasses upward, and so help push your pistol down. This means your muzzle won't flip upward, the recoil impulse will be lessened to a great extent, and your gun will remain on target instead of jumping all over the place. 

Compensated handguns are an absolute pleasure to shoot both comfortably and accurately. You can even shoot one-handed if you are using a compensator on your 9mm Glock pistol. It is also possible to engage and shoot multiple targets accurately and rapidly while using a good compensator. 

Herrington Arms’ Heavy Duty Glock Compensator

Speaking of good compensators, Herrington Arms has created a truly great one in the form of their tiny yet very effective HC9C 3.0 compensator. This accessory has been purpose built to work flawlessly with many of Glock's 9mm pistols. You can install it on your G17, G19, as well as G26 pistols provided they are from any generation later than Glock’s first gen. 

Built from light 6061 Aluminum, this durable compensator will work well with the OEM springs of your Glock. It is small enough to be carried in your regular holster while giving you the exceptional recoil-reducing performance you need in the field. 

It's so light you don't need to worry about it upsetting the balance of your everyday carry weapon. Rest assured, the Glock 9mm Compensator is definitely the best upgrade for your trusty Glock.