The Ultimate Upgrade? Why Shooters are Turning to the P320 Compensator!

The good people at Herrington Arms have created a nifty little masterpiece in the form of their HC320 compensator for Sig's P320 pistol. This compensator will seamlessly fit on the Sig P320 as well as its carry holster. 

The HC320 is a small and lightweight compensator that punches well above its weight thanks to its stellar performance in reducing recoil. It has been designed to work perfectly well with Sig Sauer’s new P320 pistol offering. You can rely on it to reduce the abrupt vertical climb common in all big-bore combat pistols. Once it has been installed correctly, you won’t help but notice a tangible difference whenever you shoot your P320 pistol. You can also rely on it to help lower horizontal recoil arc of your fine weapon.

The HC320 by Herrington Arms has been made keeping in mind the rigors of the most contested combat spaces. That's why it has been built from the ground up from tough 6061 aluminum material and constructed to demanding mil-spec standards. However, this compensator is not merely functional without any form. Rather, it will add a certain touch of class to the rugged good looks of your P320 series Sig pistol. 

You can choose either an FDE finish or a flat matte black, non-reflective anodized one. Regardless of the color option you choose, it will definitely enhance the beauty of your EDC weapon. 

Since it works seamlessly with stock springs, you don’t need to mess around with the OEM components of a weapon you trust enough to protect your life. This compensator will also fit the heavy-duty threaded barrels of the Sig X-Carry, Sig X-Compact, and full-size P320, as well as its compact iteration.   

The HC320: The Ideal Accessory for Your P320 Pistol

The SIG P320 pistols are widely considered to be amongst the most durable, versatile, and reliable handguns around. In fact, Sig’s designers ensured these pistols would be extraordinarily reliable—and they have lived up to Sig's reputation as one of the leading firearms makers in the world.

Indeed, that’s precisely why our nation’s armed forces adopted this firearm across the board as the compact M18 and the full-sized M17 next-gen pistol. Our brave men and women in uniform rely on it to defend themselves on battlefields all over the world. 

However, people have reported one issue with this gun—its unique high bore axis, which leads to muzzle flip as the tilt barrel mechanism jerks the weapon sharply upward. Your HC320 compensator will resolve this issue for you. It has been engineered precisely to eliminate muzzle flip, and keep your head rock steady—from the first to the last shot. Its strategically placed ports vent the excess gases upward, thereby keeping your weapon pointed right where you want it. 

Herrington Arms have created a clear winner in the form of their P320 Compensator. Just install it in your Sig pistol, and see the difference!