How the Glock Micro Compensator Reduces Recoil to a Minimum

No handgun has captured the world's imagination quite as much as the Glock pistol. From our nation's Special Forces to the FBI to legally armed citizens, the Glock is the first weapon of choice when the chips are down.

This has a lot to do with the weapon’s simplicity, and ease of operation and maintenance. Add to that the Glock’s inherent reliability. The weapon routinely goes through torture tests that would destroy many other pistols.

Another aspect that makes Glock pistols stand out is their low bore axis. This enables the gun to remain steady, even during prolonged shooting sessions. The 9x19 round is very potent, and it's used by most of the world as the top caliber for military as well as law enforcement applications.

This big bore round does generate plenty of recoil, especially in light and small pistols such as the Glock 26, or even its bigger G19 and G17 counterparts. However, it is possible to improve on ‘Glock Perfection’ and further reduce the felt recoil of this legendary firearm.

Ø  Enter the Herrington Arms Glock Micro Compensator!

The HC9C compensator is small and discreet enough to be carried in your EDC rig—yet gives exceptional performance. Just like all tilt breech lock barrel mechanism-operated pistols, the Glock also recoils and tilts upward whenever you operate the weapon.

This is where the HC9C comes into its own. It 'compensates' for the upward movement of the barrel when the rapidly expanding gases force the muzzle to flip up. The HC9C has portholes that vent the gases downward, even as they are pushing the muzzle upward and backward. This effectively counteracts the force of the recoil, and it enables the target to realign to its original position as rapidly as possible. After installing the HC9C on your Glock, you will be able to breeze through rapid-fire scenarios as if you were shooting a softer caliber.

The HC9C will work perfectly well with Glock models 26, 17, and 19 pistols as long as they are not gen one, and they are equipped with a threaded barrel. Since it has been designed to work with OEM springs, you won’t have to change anything on your carry weapon.

Ø  Key Features of the HC 3.0

  • Very small size to ensure easy concealability
  • Precision-engineered from durable 6061 Aluminum
  • Available in a matte Black Anodized finish or FDE Cerakote to match your weapon
  • Lifetime warranty

Herrington Arms has a clear winner in the form of their Glock micro compensator. You should upgrade your Glock and see the difference for yourself.