Advantages of Adding an HC10 3.0 Compensator to Your CZ P-10c Firearm

The CZ P-10c is one of the best striker-fired pistols in its class. It offers excellent value for the money in terms of reliability, durability, and affordability. 

The weapon’s low bore axis makes it an easy gun to shoot, and its small size and slim frame make it an ideal everyday carry weapon. It is also a light weapon, and this characteristic is a particularly endearing trait for people who conceal carry their weapons. After all, no one wants to lug more extra metal (and polymer) than they must while going about their routine activities. 

Unfortunately, handguns tend to be all about compromises. While the light weight of the gun is a great help in carrying it all the time, it is nonetheless a hindrance for fast and accurate follow-up shots. 

The CZ P-10c is chambered in the 9x19 and the even more potent .40 S&W calibers. The recoil of these full-blown battle rounds is formidable to say the least, especially when you are shooting a light firearm. Excessive recoil can lead to flinching issues, and before you know it, you might end up shooting all over the target! 

This happens as we try to compensate for the flinch that develops because of the snappy recoil of this handgun. However, all this is in the past—thanks to Herrington Arms’ amazing new compensator.

The HC10 3.0: Just What You Need for Your CZ!

The good people at Herrington Arms have outdone themselves with this nifty little accessory. Apart from reducing felt recoil substantially, it also works well with the CZ P-10c and its larger cousin, the CZ P-10f. It will fit both Primary Machine and Killer Innovations threaded barrels as long as they are OEM suppressor-ready components. Best of all, there is no need to change anything on your trusty EDC handgun since it functions flawlessly with your weapon’s original springs. 

It works by channeling the gasses generated during ignition, thereby pushing the barrel down every time you squeeze the trigger. That is, it forces the barrel downward just as the slide is moving upward. This action counteracts the recoil impulse to create a rock-steady platform that remains on target—shot after shot. 

You can rely on your CZ P-10c compensator to tame even the harsh recoil of a +P .40 S&W round. Add one to your P-10c and feel the difference!