HC9XL 2.0 Glock 19 & 17 compensator

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This is the HC9XL a version of our HC9C, it is longer to allow for Lone Wolf, Tactical Kinetics, Insane kydex creations, S3F, and Blacklist barrels to fit properly. It will not work well with any other barrel, so be sure to buy the correct comp. for your barrel. The HC9XL is a 100 percent reliable compensator designed for the Glock 19 and 17. It is made out of CNC machined 6061 aluminum with a black anodized finish. It has a 1/2-28 thread so it will fit any barrel therefor no expensive proprietary barrel system! If you want a small, reliable and effective compensator, this is it! It comes with a lifetime, NO questions asked Warranty! 5/64 Allen key included. Lantac barrels require rubber O-ring removal to fit flush. We do NOT know every states laws and regulations on threaded barrels or muzzle devices, therefor purchasing our product you take responsibility on weather or not these items are legal in your state. We do not ship to other countries.  * 2.0 versions have the matte black anodizing and slight aesthetic changes!*


Lone Wolf, IKC, S3F, Blacklist,  Swenson