What Makes The Recoil Reducing Property Of Your P320's Compensator So Unique

Herrington Arms’ HC320 compensator has been designed to fit your trusty Sig P320 and accompanying carry rig. It is small and light, yet performs perfectly. The good people at Herrington Arms have designed this compensator to work flawlessly with Sig Sauer’s iconic P320 pistol series. Once installed correctly, it will reduce vertical climb, and you will notice a clear difference every time you operate your weapon. At the same time, it will also help lower your gun’s horizontal recoil arc.

The HC320 has been constructed from very sturdy 6061 aluminum and has been built to exacting mil-spec standards. Rest assured it is not just functionality without form. This aesthetically appealing compensator also adds a touch of class to your Sig pistol.

It is currently available in a black anodized hard coat finish. It is also available in 'Flat Dark Earth' FDE Cerakote. In either case, you can use it to complement and enhance the rugged good looks of your favorite Sig P320 EDC configuration.

It works well with stock springs, so you can use the original OEM equipment and components of your carry weapon. Your H320 compensator will seamlessly fit the threaded barrels of the Sig X-Compact, X-Carry, and Compact, along with the full-size P320 as well.

Why the HC320 Compensator Is the Perfect Choice for Your SIG P320

SIG’s P320 pistol series has been a byword in reliability and durability since it was first introduced. It is for this reason that it was adopted across the board by our nation’s Armed Forces as the M17 and M18 series of pistols. This next-gen modular pistol is now used by our uniformed personnel for their protection, effectively ensuring that it’s an ideal concealed carry weapon.

However, its drawback has been its high bore axis, which causes a lot of muzzle flip. The HC320 compensator has been precision engineered to substantially reduce muzzle climb and resolve this issue permanently. In fact, installing this unique compensator will automatically give you a tremendous advantage—in the field and at the range.

Its well-placed ports are directly responsible for its recoil reduction properties. It will enable you to take fast and accurate follow-up shots with full confidence, even in an emergency.

Herrington Arms has created the ideal ‘must-have’ accessory for your EDC weapon. You can rely on your P320 compensator to help you shoot better and faster than ever before!