The Groundbreaking Glock 17 Compensator; How Does It Work?

The Glock pistol effectively revolutionized the world of modern handguns. Apart from its light weight and high capacity, the Glock 17 is extremely easy to operate. 

There are no decocking levers, manual safety knobs, or hammers to fiddle around with, as far as a Glock is concerned. It is also the easiest pistol to fieldstrip and clean, with a mere 34 parts in total. Gaston Glock designed his masterpiece with one point in mind—it should just shoot and shoot. That’s it! 

It also has a low bore axis that reduces muzzle flip, i.e., the weapon’s tendency to jerk upward every time you fire it. With all these qualities, it’s no wonder that Gaston Glock calls his invention ‘Glock Perfection.’ However, it is possible to improve on perfection. Especially for the original Glock 17 chambered in 9mm. 

While the Glock 17’s 9x19 round is potent enough to be used by most of the world for military and law enforcement applications, it does have certain drawbacks.  

A full-power 9mm round generates plenty of recoil impulse. This holds particularly true for a lightweight polymer pistol like the Glock 17. The recoil leads to muzzle flip as the tilt-barrel locked breech mechanism of the pistol forces it upward after every shot. 

This means you will have to realign your sights on target after every shot and sometimes even adjust your grip, slowing down your rate of accurate fire. This is where a cutting-edge micro compensator comes into the picture.

Harrington Arms’ Glock Micro Compensator 

The HC9C Glock Micro Compensator ‘compensates’ for the muzzle flip caused by the rapidly expanding gases that thrust the projectile toward the target. It effectively channels these gases via its strategically placed vent holes. As the physical force of the shot pushes the muzzle upward, this compensator vents the excess gases and pushes it downward to counteract the upward motion of the recoiling firearm. 

The HC9C 3.0 Compensator substantially reduces the felt recoil of your big bore 9mm G17. This way, you would always be on target as if you were shooting a smaller and lighter caliber. In fact, you would be able to shoot faster and more accurately than ever before. 

The HC9C has been designed to work well with all Glock 17, 19, and 26 model pistols from Gens 2 to 5 as long as they have threaded barrels. The HC9C Micro Compensator is so light you won’t even feel it’s there—until you need to use it. 

Moreover, your HC9C 3.0 is much smaller than other compensators, and it won’t make your weapon unwieldy, nor would it get in the way. 

This small and discreet compensator has been made from weapons-grade 6061 aluminum. There is no need to worry about chipping and breakage even if you drop the weapon. It is, in fact, every bit as perfect as your Glock. 

Add the Glock Micro Compensator to your trusty EDC Glock and see how it improves your speed, accuracy—and confidence!