Be Ready for Emergencies; Here's Why Having a Combat Application Tourniquet Around Can Save Your Life

Sudden calamities can strike not just on the battlefield, but also at any other time and place. This is why you must be prepared for any unexpected eventuality. Here, the North American Rescue Tourniquet can be the vital difference between life and death. 

  • What Is a Tourniquet and Why Is It Essential to Own One?

  •  A tourniquet is a device that can help staunch blood flow to any extremity that is bleeding heavily. If a tourniquet is applied properly, it can prevent the injured person from bleeding out. 

    It must be placed and tightened around the injury to slow down the blood flow. As it tightens, it squeezes the main blood vessels in the affected area. The increasing pressure ensures the blood flow will drop to a trickle or stop altogether. In this way, an otherwise fetal injury might be pinched off almost completely, thus saving the injured person’s life. 

    SWAT team personnel and frontline combat troops carry the CAT or 'Combat Application Tourniquet' into battle. It can help them stabilize their comrades in case of a serious injury. Ultimately, it will keep soldiers alive until they are evacuated to a field hospital.

  • The CAT Tourniquet

  • This is an extremely useful one-handed tourniquet. It has been designed for single-handed use by critically wounded individuals. As per the Institute of Surgical Research of the US army, it is 100 percent effective at its task as long as it is applied correctly. In other words, it will occlude blood flow and prevent significant hemorrhaging of the wound. 

  • Highly Durable Windlass System

  • The CAT utilizes a reliable and effective windlass system with a free-moving band inside. Once secured, this unique band will provide circumferential pressure to the injury. Once the bleeding has stopped, the windlass will be secured, and locked into place so that it will maintain pressure on the injury until further medical assistance is available. 

  • Important Features 

    • It will control life-threatening hemorrhaging of a potentially fatal wound
    • It can work in all kinds of weather conditions
    • Very durable, light, and cost-effective 
    • The official tourniquet of the US army for the past 17 years
    The CAT combat application tourniquet is a must-have part of your bug-out kit. When faced with an extreme situation, you can count on it to save your life and the lives of your loved ones!